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SA’s Top Million Households

The top million report

With combined spending power of over R700 billion, South Africa’s top million households account for nearly 40% of all consumer spend and, despite the worsening recession, continue to see their incomes grow.  Apart from their financial muscle, those inside this group, whom we dub The Insiders, are also key influencers and ultimately possess the power to make or break brands.

Our Top Million study also highlights how much has changed over recent years, with:

  • Thousands of new households entering the Top Million club
  • Substantial lifestyle shifts and new spending priorities,
  • New sets of challenges experienced by Insiders,
  • More competition for share of wallet than ever before.

Developed in partnership with Instant Grass International and M&C Saatchi Abel, the Top Million Report bases its findings on over a year’s worth of primary research. The report is packed with new insights to provide marketers with a deeper understanding of this segment and the practical tools to connect. Areas covered in the report include:

  • Who belongs to the Top Million households?
  • How have Insider demographics and consumption patterns shifted?
  • How are Insiders increasingly feeling the impact of the economic recession?
  • Where are Insiders at in terms of aspirations, finance, shopping, entertainment and leisure, food and health, media consumption — and much more?

 To access the report, please contact Kulsoem Roode on kulsoem.roode@uct.ac.za or 021 650 4312.