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The UCT Marketing Institute was established out of recognition that the rapidly changing South African consumer market is unique, bearing only a limited resemblance to consumer behaviour in the rest of the world.

Our primary objective is to develop and share cutting-edge, trend-based strategic insight into South African marketing. Our thinking is based on solid market research and is relevant to both the business and education sectors.

The UCT Marketing Institute was established in 1999 at the University of Cape Town as a non-profit research organisation. The UCT Marketing Institute has been recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost marketing think-tanks over the past 15 years and our research informs the strategies of a number of leading companies.

Funding is derived through the sale of results via nationwide roadshows and in-house presentations.


  • To bring together academics, marketing practitioners and researchers to pursue innovative and meaningful research
  • To develop leading-edge marketing theory specific to the South African marketplace
  • To provide marketers and marketing students with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the South African marketplace
  • To generate funds for further research through sponsorship, partnership and the sale of results.