Our research


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Every year, the UCT Marketing Institute produces a research tool called ‘Landscape.’ The tool is essentially a slide deck of between 450-700 slides (depending on the year) that covers a number of topics relevant to marketers. Instead of sifting through Google searches or pages of archived downloads, the slides provide immediate access to facts, graphs and insights that can be incorporated into your own presentations or decisions. The decks have been compiled using some of the top thinkers in each subject area.

Some of the decks are:

  • Economic Landscape
  • Demographic Landscape
  • Language Landscape
  • Political Landscape
  • Consumer Law
  • Retail Landscape
  • Media and entertainment landscape
  • Tourism Landscape
  • And more

The data has been obtained from the most up-to-date sources, and is designed to provide high level focus without being sucked into details. The institute is able to present a 50-min report on these topics. While not primary research, presentations are designed to take available knowledge and to apply the latest interpretative lens. 

Members of the institute receive a copy of the full report as well as an archive of previous reports upon registration / renewal.

To access the report, please contact Kulsoem Roode on kulsoem.roode@uct.ac.za or 021 650 4312.