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Youth Report 2018

Youth Report

Every time the UCT Marketing Institute has released a consumer segment report, the question has arisen: “but how will this apply to the next generation?” Instead of just using standard ‘go-to’ answers about generational differences (gen x-z-z and even a-b-c) and digital natives, we decided to take 20 months to study the 50% of South Africans under the age of 24.

How we approached the research…

After a few months of study on every available document related to South African youth, we noticed the need for something quite different. What was happening behind the percentages and reported behaviors? In addition, the difference between the haves and have-nots has been elusive to articulate for many. Yes the differences exist, but what are those differences and how do we quantify them.

Our research took over 12 months to complete and included:  

  • Over 100 focus groups with young South Africans, exploring a variety of themes
  • Two quantitative surveys with young South Africans from across the economic spectrum
  • Interviews with 25 youth experts from youth orientated institutes and companies.
  • A series of video-diaries
  • An analysis of secondary data sources such as National Income Dynamics Survey 28 000 households) and  StatsSA

Our study unpacks the circumstances in which South African children grow up. It also takes a ‘deep dive’ into the 18 to 24 age cohort. The report covers a number of areas, including: demographics, mindsets, relationship with online media, buying behavior and media consumption. 

To access the report, please contact Kulsoem Roode on kulsoem.roode@uct.ac.za or 021 650 4312.